Framus Hollywood Electra 1962


Shipping to United States: Free

A Framus Hollywood Electra made in Germany 1962.
Quite a rare guitar with a sliding pick-up. It has the old DIN type plug but comes with an original cable so you can plug straight into a modern amp. Tested and working.
The electrics work, a slight buzz when the volume isn't turned up to maximum (9).
The sliding pick-up works fine and does change the brightness of the sound. Near the neck for rhythm guitar playing and moved to the bridge for solo playing.
The pick guard is made from metal and in great condition (they're often rusty!)
It has a fixed neck, the neck is straight, frets are good, has a zero fret, it has a truss rod.
The mechanics are original and work fine. Tremolo bridge is all there and functions.
Only thing not original are the strap pins (I've replaced them), which is why there is wear on it's "bottom", they were probably missing for years!
Note - the photo showing the bottom of the guitar is the closest to the real colour! It's a lot darker red than shown in most of the photos. (it's not pink!!)
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